Basic Website Design & Development

Professional Basic Website

The Basic website shows many of the features included with a Basic website. The main features of the basic website is up to 10 Pages, Image Gallery, Image Slider, Videos, Audio, Menu, Social Media, Map and Simple Forms. The Basic website does not include the Image Editor, Shopping Cart, or File Uploads.

How much Basic Website cost ?

This will depend on your budget and the goals of your website. If your site is simply putting a business card online then something simple might do. If you want your website to portray your business and products/services in the best manner then a professionally designed and organised website is the way to go. The time to build usually reflects upon the quality of the final product.

In the cheapest scenario a stock template is used and you are paying for the time to add content only. If you are on a limited budget this approach can work well, but your content must fit the template design. The standard of stock templates is quite good but still best chosen by your designer to match your content and business.

If the designer has to modify the template too much to fit your content you might end up exceeding your budget on variations and spend more that a custom design.

It Varies from INR 4999/- to INR 14999/-.

How Much Time take to develop a Basic Website?

It may take from 3 days to 3 Months depending upon complexity and content revisions.

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