Corporate Website Design & Development

Professional Corporate Portal Website

A corporate website providing information taken from internal or external systems of the operator to target groups of users, based on their identity, can be regarded as a portal solution. The websites are operated on a platform, which eliminates dependence on just one supplier. In addition, the platform is sufficiently efficient and robust to facilitate further smooth development of the portal and meet ever-increasing demands for efficiency and new functionality.

The term “extranet“ is often associated with the web portal concept, and strictly speaking a specific extranet category (B2B or B2C) is always part of the web portal. The web portal contains a part that provides data from internal systems to suppliers (B2B) or clients (B2C = client zone). On the other hand, the web portal enables data to be placed in internal systems.

A corporate portal offers certain benefits, such as

  • Standing out from the competition: these days, portal solutions (Telco and Utility) are seen as standard and any possible shortcomings they display are a clear competitive disadvantage.
  • Improved service for users: users expect that they can do most of their activities on-line, without having to visit a branch of the company. Increased loyalty is another benefit, resulting from a user-friendly solution.
  • Reduced expenditure on customer support.
  • Increased income: thanks to the opportunity of the advantages of up-sell and cross-sell offers, or by a simplified purchase process.
  • Better contact with/interact with users: advantages of communication and educational potential.